Video - Video technique and Coutinho give Brazil two goals in Bolivia in 3 minutes

Brazil beat Bolivia 3-0 in the second half of the second half with the opening of the Copa America 2019, thanks to Felipe Coutinho's double.

Brazil managed to progress after 5 minutes from the start of the second half by penalty, Nestor Petana ruled the meeting returned to the video technique again for the second time in the game.

After the video technique was awarded a penalty due to a touch on Adrian Josino inside the penalty area, Brazilian Felipe Coutinho scored the first goal in the meeting and the tournament to the left of goalkeeper Carlos Lambi.

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In the 53rd minute, Coutinho returned to score again and added a second goal in the net after a series of Brazilian passes ended with a cross from Roberto Fermino to Coutinho, who netted it with an easy header.

Coutinho has 16 points and is close to winning 100th in Cuba's history.

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