5 numbers expected to be destroyed in Cuba America 2019

The numbers are created to crash, that saying is widely traded in recent years after the spread of digital statistics and reports and the increase in the world of football.

The 46th edition, which is in Brazil, is the land of the football magicians, where it is expected to destroy or equation 5 digits between June 14 and July 7.

The greatest scorer

3 only succeeded in registering 9 goals in one copy, the highest number in one copy, Brazilian Jyer in version 1949.

Argentina Hamberto Masiko and Uroguyanese Javier Ambrose in the 1957 version registered the same number of goals.

Who score more goals in the current version?

Historical scorer

The historic scorer of the tournament is shared by Brazilian Zizeno and Argentine Norberto Mendez with 17 goals.

The two current players with the opportunity to break the number in the current version are the Peruvian Paulo Guerrero, who has already scored 11 goals and the Chilean Eduardo Vargas, the 10-point owner.


In only 4 copies of 45 previous 3 teams succeeded in winning the title without defeat and without receiving goals.

Argentina in 1921, Uruguay in the 1917 and 1987 editions and finally Colombia in 2001.

Mass rate

In the centennial in the United States of America in 2016, the number of fans rose to 1.5 million spectators.

During 32 games in 10 different cities with a rate of up to 45,000 per match.

In the current version, Brazil has six stadiums in 5 different cities and the famous stadium  "Maracanã " In order to break the public record.

The Triple

Chile has the opportunity to equalize Argentina's achievement by winning three consecutive titles.

Laeroja won the title in the 2015 and 2016 editions at the expense of Argentina and they have the opportunity to defend the title and win the third consecutive title.

Argentina is the only team to have won the title 3 consecutive times in 1945, 1946 and 1947.

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