Messi is equivalent to Ronaldo in a historical figure

Lionel Messi did not give much in half an hour to play against Villarreal, but he was as decisive as his usual and scored an important goal in the last minute of Barcelona.

Messi's third goal for Barcelona in the meeting, followed by a fourth goal for Luis Suarez achieved an impossible draw against Villarreal 4-4 in the round 30 of the Spanish league.

This goal from a free kick to Messi reached his total goals in the league for 414 goals in his career.

The same number of goals Cristiano Ronaldo in the competitions in England, Spain, and Italy.

Ronaldo scored 311 goals in the Spanish league + 84 goals in the English Premier League + 19 goals in the Italian league.

The Portuguese star scored three early goals in his career in the Portuguese league, which makes him ahead of Messi in the league goals.

Messi's arrival of this number and his position to Ronaldo comes with the fact that Ronaldo is about two and a half years old, that is, his age in the stadium so far less than Ronaldo.

Ronaldo scored his 417 goals in the periodicals: Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian in 539 appearances, while Messi scored his 414 goals in the Spanish league in only 445 games.

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