Guardiola: Forget winning the quarter .. We may lose everything in 3 days !

Everyone is talking about Manchester City's ability to achieve the Quartet. The players admit that it is in spite of the difficult situation, and the masses with the soul, but one man Abi but to address them what is closer to happen as he sees, The man is Pep Guardiola.

The coach has refused to put pressure on his players during the crucial stage of the season, in which he competes for the English Premier League, the Champions League and the Confederations Cup, and the Spanish coach believes that all these tournaments may go down the drain Mentor, which he told his players.

Guardiola said in remarks broadcast by the BBC: "In a week or three days we may lose all the tournaments,"  "I said several times before: Ask me at the end of April."

He added: "Why to talk about the Quartet in that mythical country where this has never happened before?

He said: "Legendary clubs like Liverpool, United with Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsenal Wenger and Chelsea and Mourinho have not succeeded in doing so, so why should I?

"If they want to dream of doing everything, I'm not the one who will say anything," said the man who lost a lot of his hair during professional training years since 2008.

"Of course we are here and we compete, but I told the players: Forget the Quartet, do not think about it very much, in a week or three days we could lose all the championships, and that's the reality."

He continued to talk about his message to his players. "I know that in your mind you realize that we are capable of achieving it, but now you only think about Cardiff."

Here, the talk has moved to another axis: the competition for the title with Liverpool. The Reds have managed to beat Tottenham in the last few minutes to get the lead temporarily, and the coach Catalonian roots and instincts aware of what the Reds.

"Maybe if it happened once (meaning winning in the final minutes), that's luck, and if it happens again it's luck, but to happen 4 or 5 times means they have something special."

"I do not waste my time thinking, they were lucky here and there and everywhere, this will not give you extra points," he said.

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