Danny Rose explodes because of racism: I can not wait to retire from football

Danny Rose left back of Tottenham and the England team because of the increasing phenomenon of racism in European stadiums in the recent period.

Danny Rose was the victim of racist cheers from the fans of Montenegro in the game that ended with England's 5-1 victory and chanted slogans against Rose and Rahim Stirling.

The persistence of the phenomenon of racism, made Rose explode to say: "I was completely satisfied".

"At the moment, I can not wait to finish my career with football," he said in his interview with Mirror, Telegraph and The Sun newspapers.

"I have almost 5 to 6 years with football, and then I will retire and can not wait to do that."

"All I want is to enjoy football in my remaining years."

"Football has become full of politics and I just want to get out of it."

"When you punish countries with a fine equivalent to what you spent one night in London, what do you expect to happen?

"My coach has been suspended for two games because of what he did with Mike Dane, but all that happens to countries because of racism is just financial sanctions.

"This is the reality of football at the moment, you do not expect anything different if sanctions continue so easily."

"If they want to end racism, they have to apply very harsh penalties, not just financial sanctions," he said.

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