Catching points is not enough. Things on Sollshire make it United for success

Manchester United did not wait for the summer to sign coach Uli Gunnar Solshir permanently, but announced it before the match Watford, who won two goals to a goal.

The signing of Solshire is tantamount to putting an end to the speculation that was spreading daily about the identity of the next Red Devils coach, replacing Jose Mourinho and the biggest candidate was Mauricio Buccetino.

Having returned to the right path with a strong competition to qualify for the Champions League and having passed the Paris St Germain in the Round of 16, he now has several things to correct for the Red Devils.

When David Moyes came to take charge of United after Sir Alex Ferguson retired, he did not keep Mike Villan and Rene Molenstein, the former Scottish coach.

Moyes said earlier that if he knew that Mullenstein would be gone, he would have kept Mike Phelan.

With the return of Solshire, his appointment to Mike Villan helped him a lot in his training with United with a man who knew all the big and small in the team.

Solshire said United had already started talks with Villan to ensure his stay with the team, especially as he is currently the sports director of an Australian club.

United have suffered a lot in recent years from joining the players in August, when clubs stick to their players or that if they succeed in joining them, they do not do preparations, which makes them fit in with difficulty.

"I have written many things and talked to many players who want to join the club and now we have to make decisions and I hope we can get them together before the summer," he said at his first press conference after signing his three-season training contract.

If he succeeds in making the deals he wants before the summer round, this will help him a lot before the start of next season.

At the same time one can not lose sight of the importance of keeping stars such as David Deja and Indira Terreira as the first contract ends in 2020 and the second after the end of the season.

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