Salah: They say who scored the same number of goals as their best seasons .. They criticize me !!

Mohamed Salah responded strongly to criticism of his absence from registration in the recent period.

Mohamed Salah spoke after the match with Tottenham Hotspur defender Jimmy Carragher of Sky Sports, to respond to the transfers :  "Yes, I did not score in some games but there are those who scored the same number of goals and some say that they are in the best seasons of their lives"

"There are three or four players that are not talked about by anyone and some say that they are in their best season."

"I'm the only ones who say he's giving a bad season."

"I want to win the English Premier League and this is the most important thing for me and I do not care about anything else."

Salah scored 17 goals in the Premier League this season, the same number as Harry Kane (Tottenham), Pierre Emeric Obamyang (Arsenal) and Sadio Mani.

Sergio Aguero is the top scorer in the English Premier League with 19 goals, Salah, Mani, Ken and Obamyang with 17 goals and Rahim Stirling with 15 goals.

Liverpool's victory over Tottenham led them back to the top with 79 points, two points behind Manchester City with a late game for the latter.

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