Messi: My son asks me why they want to kill you in Argentina !!

Criticism of Lionel Messi has been harshly criticized for the deterioration of Argentina's results, which made his son think that critics in the Latin country want to drop the star of Barcelona.

"It's hard, my son always follows YouTube and watched a video and then he asked me, 'Why in Argentina do they want to kill you?'" Messi said on Argentine radio program Club Octubre 94.7 FM.

"I still want to win something with the team, I will play all the important meetings, we have already reached the 2014 World Cup final and this is not an easy thing."

After an early exit from the last World Cup semi-final defeat to France, Messi decided to move to the end of 2018 to wear the Albaceleste shirt and upon his return to a friendly meeting on 22 March last lost Argentina friendly meeting 3-1 against Venezuela in preparation for Cuba America, which starts in June Next in Brazil.

Although Messi has been crowned with countless championships with Barcelona, ​​a trophy with Argentina is still hard on him. Messi lost the Copa America final in 2007, 2015 and 2016.

"I do not want to show the lies they say about me as a fact, I do not know the coaches, I hear these bad things and it's hard to live with it," Messi said, "If we won the World Cup in Brazil, the story would be different. Because of small details, then there were many failures and I think the media had to deal with them differently. "

"He wants a solid team that does not allow the opponent and does not suffer his defense and is safe when he loses the ball," Messi told his coach Lionel Scalloni. "He wants me to start at the end of the pitch before going deep. The whole world respects him very much, for what he is, for what he has achieved, but we have to be realistic, if we want to be strong competitors, we have to do it on the pitch and there is a lot of work ahead of us to do it. We can be strong enough to have enough talent in the team. "

Argentina is preparing to lead Messi for a new trip in the continental cup. She plays in Copa America in Group B and faces Colombia, Paraguay and Qatar.

Argentina have not won the Copa America since 1993, does Messi repeat the title?

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