Mani about "bad Salah number": that is football .. There is what is most important

Sadeo Mani has reduced Liverpool's chances that our Egyptian coach Mohamed Salah has not scored any goal in the last 8 games for the Reds. "Victory is always the most important," he said.

Mohamed Salah has not scored in Liverpool's last eight consecutive games, "his worst number since joining the team," Sky wrote, but Mani finds no crisis.

 Mani said : "That's football, some time scoring goals and other times that are not recorded, those things happen in football."

he said in an interview with Sky Sports : "But when we win, Liverpool are the most important team.

Mani, the 26-year-old, has been performing very well this season. Scoring 20 goals and making 4 appearances in 39 games this season.

Mohamed Salah, despite his absence from the recent games, has scored 20 goals and made 9 appearances during 42 appearances in all the tournaments.

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